Like many people, I seek inspiration from the thoughts and words of others. Here it is one of my favorite quotes

Hard work beats talent
when talent fails to work hard Linea Adv. From 2012:Until Now (Art Director) Trout&Partners From 2011: to 2012 (Art Director) Antbrush From 2010: to 2011(Art Director) Trigon Solution From 2007: to 2010(Art Director) Oyoun Adv. From 2005: to 2007(Senior Graphic Designer & Finalist) Faros Graphics From 2002: to 2005(Graphic Designer & Finalist) Promedia Adv. From 1998: to 2002(Graphic Designer & Finalist) I’m an Art Director From Egypt . I have more than twelve years of working experience. I’m ambitious, hard worker and devoted to job requirements Experienced in working with the below softwares on both (APPLE & IBM) machines: Professional Graphic Design expert it coming up with concepts, executing existing concepts and creating cutting edge BTL material: Logos, Corporate Id, Calendars, CD Covers, Flyers, Folders, Greeting Cards, Magazines Ad, Brochures, Packaging, Book Covers, Menus,Posters & Signs Designing Web Sites’ Layouts Through My CareerI’ve been Featured on several web sites & also lucky to be interviewed as well , you can check some of them in the below links: I’ve hadthe opportunity To work with some great people and agencies over the years.

In this Blog I plan to mostly talk about my life, my passions. I plan on writing everything from my thoughts

a little about myself I’m in love with world history, and everything that’s old. I like reading chronicles and tales of old eras, and biographies of great historic characters I always wish that I had lived during a different time, like the Paranoiac era or the Islamic rule in Andalusia. I also like visiting historical places and watching movies visualizing life in old ages.

I read a lot, and my favorite writer is Isabel Allende specially her novel The Island beneath the Sea.
I like Radwa Ashour’s writing, In my opinion she is the Egyptian version of Isabel Allende, they both share the same talent of taking their readers back in time to when their stories took place.
My favorite reads are; Azazeel I find it wonderful in portraying psychological conflicts. I also like Moon over Samarkand, No One Sleeps in Alexandria, Granada Trilogy, Inés of My Soul, and finally Love in the time of Cholera. As for my favorite movies, on top of the list is the God father trilogy especially its second part everything about this movie was great; the acting, directory, and the soundtrack. There are also movies like The Collector, Seven Brides for seven Brothers, Wuthering Heights, Spartacus, Gone with the wind, and Troy.
But still my favorite types of movies are documentaries like Prison Terminal, which shows the suffering of imprisonment in a foreign country and also The rise and Fall of an Empire.

I turn to nature for inspiration, I like spending time outdoors enjoying nature’s beauty and fresh air, especially places with monuments that reflect cultural warmth.
My daily exercise is walking, I enjoy it a lot and I believe it’s the best type of exercise to be performed. Finally my favorite colors are Blue, White, and Grey.

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